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0473 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 473 (Color Image)

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THE DESCRIPTION OF THE WORLD, TIDINGS REACH ACMAT lords, says he, you do a very great evil and sin in making mockery of me, and indeed y it ought to have satisfied you that you have done me so great wrong that where you ought to hold me for lord, yet you have taken me and hold me in irons. And truly v you know well that you do great ill and great sin, and so I pray you that you go your way and do not longer make a mock of me. Fair lord Argon, says Boga, you y may know quite truly that we make no mockery at all, but it is quite sure we speak y the truth, and I tell you on my faith, and we swear it to thee on our law. And then all the barons swear that they will hold him for lord. And Argon himself swears to them that he will not ever pay them ill deserts and ill reward [io3b] for this, that they y had taken him, and that he will hold them like brothers just as well and as dearly y as Abaga his father did. And when these oaths were made in such a way as you have heard, then Argon was unfettered and they hold him for lord. And Argon says, Let one shoot some arrows into that tent until the melic deputy of the Soldan who TA held me prisoner and who was lord & captain of all this army be dead. After these L z words there was no delay but all immediately many arrows were shot into that tent, by which the melic was killed. And when this was all done all the men of the TA army cor firmed Argon as their lord by right, and Argon took the rule and orders all z that which he wishes as lord that he was, and is obeyed by all. And you may know y that he whom we have named melic to you, who was killed, had Soldan for name, and he was the greatest lord that was after. Acmat. In such a way does Argon

recover the rule of his realm as you have heard.   v

HOW ARGON HAD THE RULE. (HOW ARGON HAD ACMAT HIS UNCLE KILLED.) And when Argon sees that he is really lord of all, he commands to go towards court with the whole array, hoping to be able to take Acmat by coming L suddenly. • And then they make no delay but set themselves on the road to -return z to court. Now it happened that one day when Acmat who had made himself lord y was at court in the chief palace and made great feasting, then a messenger came to him who said to him, Lord, I bring you news not at all such as I should wish, but mightily evil and bad. Now you may know that the barons have set Argon free y and hold him for lord, and have killed Soldan your melic, •your very dear friend. y z And[I tell]you that they are coming off here very fiercely as soon as they [io3c] y can to seize and kill you. And therefore do that which you believe to be your best in the matter. Then this messenger having said this is silent that he says no more. y And when Acmat had heard what this man had said, and knew him for his well

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put in its place, the rubrics thus being put wrong till c.214. In the version the correct rubric is given first, followed by the one which actually appears in the MS. in brackets. The correct rubric here is restored from the Table of Contents (p.71), with which Z agrees.