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0272 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 272 (Color Image)

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LT Z sunsetting, and they are all idolaters. Sonic there are Nestorian Christian Turks' and R FB FB Saracens. And about five miles outside the town is the palace of the lord who is called FB king Mangalai, as I have told you above; and know that the crowned king is son of the great FB LT Kaan; which is so beautiful and so great as I shall tell you. For it is in a great plain R where there are rivers which run in & around it and lakes and pools and springs enough. LT FB LT And first of all it has a very great thick and high wall which is five miles round, and R VB that wall is all with battlements round about and well made; where are many wild animals and also birds of the chase; for none would dare to hunt or chase them except the lord, who takes great delight in it, and often dwells in this palace, and specially at the time of the R chase; • and there are most beautiful hunting parks and places for hawking. And in the middle FA of this wall is the palace of the king so large and so fair that none could devise it better. FB FB It has many beautiful halls and great and many beautiful large rooms all pictured & R FB VB painted with beaten gold, with finest azures, • and with other different colours, • and with FB VB infinite columns & marbles. This king Mangalai following in the footsteps of his father FB V FB keeps his kingdom very well in great peace and in great justice and in very great right, FB VB VB VB and is much loved & reverenced by all his people. And he is a rich & noble lord & takes much pleasure in grandeur & a noble court, so that his court is of great magnificence. The armies VA of the king Mangalai stay round the palace and they have great enjoyment there with LT V fowling and hunting. And then we shall leave this palace & kingdom without telling FB you more about it, and we shall tell you [49d] of another province which is much FB among mountains, which is called Cuncun; and it is a very troublesome road to travel.


   Z V FB   MANGI. When however one leaves this city and the palace of Mangalai of

   VB   which I have told you, he goes riding, still through the province of Catai,
toward sunsetting three days journeys of very beautiful plain, always finding towns z L and villages enough in which are many people, for they are for the most part men who live L z by trade enough and by industry, and they have silk in very great abundance, as FB VB above. And at the end of these three days, at the border of this realm are the boundaries R VB between Mangi2 and Catai, & then one finds a region full of great mountains & beautiful VB and great valleys which belong to the province of Cuncun. And from these mountains FB begins the province of Catai. There are many cities and villages in the mountains and P LT Z in the valleys between the mountains. They all of that province are idolaters. There are VB too some Christian Turks following Nestoris, and some Saracens. And they live for the z FB greater part by work on the land and occupations in the great forests and by hunting.

' R: Christiani, & Turchi 2 pingui