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0327 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 327 (Color Image)

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should throw stones of three hundred pounds. And all immediately the three aforesaid FB caused some timber which was very good for making this to be brought at their will. And in R a few days these two & the other three aforesaid made three of them, very great and very FB FB fine mangonels according to the orders of the said brothers, each of which threw the stone R FB

which weighed more than 300 pounds each, and one saw it fly very far; of which stones there were more than sixty rounds which weighed one as much as the other.' And when they were made and furnished the lord and the others saw them very willingly, and they caused several FB stones to be thrown from them in their presence, whereof they made themselves very great wonder and much praised that work. And the great lord had them immediately put on boats and R carried to his armies which were at the siege of the city of Saianfu, and which [64b] could not take it. And when the trebuchets were come to the army they have

tt   them set up, and they seemed to the Tartars the greatest wonder of the world

because they were not accustomed at any time to see a requisite so made, • and this was the first FB TA3

which had ever been among the Tartars. And what shall I tell you about it ? When the trebuchets were set up before the city of Saianfu and drawn, then each one throws a R FB stone of 300 pounds into the town. The stone which the mangonel first shot struck into TA3 R the houses and broke and ruins everything, & made great noise and great tumult. And every day they threw a very great number of stones, by which many were killed. And VB when the men of the city saw this misfortune which they had never seen nor heard, FB they were so much dismayed at it and so much alarmed that they did not know what they ought to say nor do, and made themselves great wonderment how this could be. FB They were in counsel together, and did not know how to take counsel how they could escape from these trebuchets and defend themselves against these great stones which FB came upon them; and they believed that this was done to them by enchantment, .for it seemed R that the bolts came from the sky. • Not knowing how to resist this new way of fighting, and VB seeing themselves killed every day by the stones, they said that they are all dead & would P perish under the ruin of the houses if they do not give themselves up. And then they took counsel & each one agreed that they will surrender themselves by all means; FB and then they send messengers to the master of the army and said thus, that they wish FB FB to give themselves up in the way that the other cities of the province of Mangi had R done, and that they were2 willing to be under the rule of the great Kaan. And the lord of the army was very glad at this & said that he was quite willing for this. And FB then he received them, and those of the city gave themselves up like the other cities. FB

1 desquelz chascun gettoit la pierre qui pesoit plus de iij` liures chascune. et la veoit len voler moult 'oing Desquelles pierres il en yauoit plus de lx.Rontes.que tant montoit lune comme lautrc.

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