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0216 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 216 (Color Image)

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THE WALLS & GATES & PALACES OF CAMBALUC ,MARCO POLO LT FB things needful for an army and war. And again between the one palace and the second

  •  there is also a palace in the middle of each side like those of the corners, so that all round FB L the walls there are eight very beautiful palaces, • namely four at the corners and four

  •  between corner and corner, and all & eight are full of nothing but the equipments of

  •  the great lord . And you may know that in each palace there is only one thing, that FB is that in the one are bows and nothing else, and the second had saddles and nothing FB FB else, and the next is all full of bridles and so it goes all round that in each is all one FB V manner of thing.' And there is a higher wall all round, & in the same way it has eight palaces. And this wall has five gates on the quarter towards midday,' in the middle a great

L TA gate much greater than the others which is never opened or shut except only when the TA FB V great Kaan comes out of it to make war and when he goes in there, & then it is shut,.

  •  for the entry is open to none but to the king alone. And beside this great gate are two small

VA ones, one on each side, and all the other people who are in company with the great

Kaan come in by those. And then there is towards the corner another very large one, and towards the other corner another, by which again the other people enter, so that they are five, and the large one is in the middle, and by those four smaller gates enter

all the other people. But the other four gates where the other people enter are not one beside the other, but they are two at the two corners of this same face, and the other two are beside the large one, so that the large one remains in the middle. •And each other side has only one gate in the middle of the wall. All the people who wish enter through all those gates, except by the great gate of which I have spoken above. And inside this wall at the distance of one mile, in the middle of this face of the wall toward midday, is another wall which is rather more long than broad. There are also eight palaces on this wall all in the same way as the eight others outside, • of which I have spoken above. And again the equipments and other vessels & valuable utensils & jewels of the great lord are kept there inside, as in the others. There are also five gates in the side toward the midday all like the other wall in

  •  front. And in each other side is a single gate in the middle, through which anyone may

come in; and so have the other walls of which I have told you. And in the middle of the space which is inside these two walls [37c] is thegreat palace of the great lord, in which he dwells, which is made in such a way as I shall tell you. Know that it is the greatest & most wonderful that ever was seen. It is bounded then towards tramontaine with the foresaid wall, and towards midday, and there is an empty space' where the barons and the soldiers





1 FA: bernois FB: harnoi,~

2 R: in questo terzo circuito, sono sei porte similmente ordinate above. The account of the walls in V differs in wording whether the extract given is a real addition.

3 R fol. 228: & verso mezzo di, & é vacuo doue i Baroni,

come nel secondo circuito. cf. p. 207 & arrangement, & it is doubtful

B. and, in effect, MARSDEN omit

the second