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0118 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 118 (Color Image)

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THE CHRISTIANS ARE ASSEMBLED TOGETHER ,MARCO POLO God' should do so great a deed for his prayer. The Christians pray him very sweetly that he should make that prayer to God. And what shall I tell you about it ? They VA pray him so much that he says that though he were a sinner he will do their will and

will make that prayer to his Creator .2


   TA FB   when the tenth day of the set time was come [13c] the Christians all

V   get themselves up early in the morning both men and all the women,

VB small and great. They go to their Church and sing the holy Mass, all most humbly praying our Lord God to save his Christian people from the hands of the cruel calif, and when

z V they have first sung and finished all the service of our Lord God they took the Body of Christ and with very great devotion they all set themselves on the road together to FB VA VB go in a great procession into the plain which was at the foot of that mountain which FB Z had been appointed them, and carry the precious cross of the most high Creator Saviour FB before them with great crying and with great weeping. And when all the Christians who were quite a hundred thousand' were come into this plain, they set themselves VB before the Cross of our Lord. The calif with the other Saracen cadi was there with so VB great a multitude of Saracens that it was a marvel, waiting to see what must come TA R of this thing ; who were come armed to kill the Christians and send them to perdition. VB FB FB with good reason, • or to turn them to their faith, for they did not believe at all that God VB would do this kindness to the Christians and that the mountain so great and high would VB be moved. He commanded the bishop that according to his Gospel, since they were most faithful Christians as they had testified that they were, he must command the mountain that it must be moved. And if this thing followed he would judge them all most faithful and good Christians ; but if the mountain did not move he would count them all most unfaithful, and as not faithful Christians he would make them die, except those who should be willing to be Saracens and to confess Mahomet to be the highest prophet of God and his law to be most faithful

i ke damenedeu feisse Sire or segnor, used in the immediate context, are the commoner forms. cf. B.N. MS. fr. 1463 (another work by Rustichello; see p1.45) fol. 1a: nostre Sire damedeu

2 VB (more elaborately): "he answered, Knowing that I am a sinner, most beloved father, I believe that I am not the man revealed to your paternity by the angel, because there is not in me that sincere faith nor that fervent obedience toward our Lord God that there ought to be, but I call myself a sorrowful and miserable sinner. Wherefore have good confidence(?) that among so many fathers of very good life and manners I am sure not to be he who is chosen with so great faith. To whom the most holy bishop declaring that it was he alone who was shown by the angel, he was begged by all with piteous and most sweet tears, and presented himself obedient to the commands of the bishop."

3 FB,TA: "more than l00000" VB: oltra miara zinquanta