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0492 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 492 (Color Image)

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THE SONS OF TOLOBUGA DEMAND VENGEANCE MARCO POLO He reigns a while and not long; and then Totamongu died, and Toctai who was a very wise and prudent man had the rule and was chosen for lord. And this man reigned and had the dominion of Totamongu. Now it happened that in the meanwhile two sons of Tolobuga who had been killed were grown up and were men

z who were well able to bear arms, and they were wise and prudent. These two brothers, these were the sons of Tolobuga,' prepare themselves with a very fine

VB company and set themselves on the road and go to the court of Toctai as emperor to whom it pertained to do justice, to lament for the domain which had been taken from them.

z z And when they were come there they go off to his presence and saluted him well and

VB courteously and wisely, and both the brothers were always kneeling, as was befitting to his majesty. And Toctai told them that they are very welcome and makes them stand upright. And when the two youths were standing, then the elder says and speaks in such a manner: Fair lord Toctai, I will tell you as well as I shall know the reason why we are come before you. It is true as you know that we were sons

VB of Tolobuga whom Totamongu and Nogai killed, and your most faithful servants.

VB About Totamongu I can say nothing' because he is dead; but on Nogai who is alive

z we make a claim, and we pray you that you do us right and justice upon him,

vB which of your supreme justice you never deny to any, like a righteous ruler as you are, because he killed our father. And for this we pray you that you make him come before you and that you do us justice [109cl upon him for the death of our father. Now this is the reason why we are come to your court, and what we pray thee that you do for us. Then the youth is silent that he says no more.


z   Toctai had heard what the child had said and he knew well that it was

z   truth, he answers him and says: Fair friend, says he, and brother, in this

that thou demandest of me that I do thee justice upon Nogai, I will do it very gladly and we will make him come before me to our court and will do with him all that shall have regard to right . Then Toctai sends two messengers to Nogai and orders him to come to his court to do justice to the sons of Tolobuga for the death of their father. And when the messengers have told this news to Nogai he makes fun of it, and tells the messengers that he will not go at all. And the messen-

z gers, when they have had the answer of Nogai,' they depart from him and set

1 totamangu Here and in every instance below the names Totamongu and Tolobuga are transposed in F. In the version the correct name is restored.

2 cf. Z p. cxxv.

3 la respose ce de nogai   B.: la respose ce[est]de nogai