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0189 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 189 (Color Image)

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comely and fair woman and she is poor and. born of low descent, yet a great baron or VB z a great man, the greatest of the land, • who is rich takes her to wife for her beauty and FA VB gives silver enough for her to her father and mother as they can best have agreed FB z together, • and they are valued according as they are fair. Now we will depart from here z VB

and we shall go and we shall tell you of another province towards the sunrising.   TA

when one leaves Ergiuul and goes riding towards the sunrising eight FB days marches he finds a very good province which is called Egrigaia LT where there are cities and villages enough under it, and it is also •under the name of •the z VB P z P

great province of Tangut. And the capital city in it is called Calacian. The people y L

who dwell there are for the most part idolaters, and there are many Saracens, and there are VB LT VA

also three' very beautiful churches of Christians who follow the law Nestorian.' And z FB Z V

they all moreover belong to the great Tartar Kaan . And in this city of Calacian are P FB P

made many •cloths which are called camlets of camels hair, the most beautiful that FB P

are to be found in the world and the best; and again of white wool, for they have white z FB

camels, they make of it white camlet very beautiful and good, and they make very R

great quantity of it. And thence many of the said camlets are sent for sale to other parts, or VB

the merchants carry them to sell through many places and specially to Catai and VB Z FB

into other places through the midst of the world.' Now let us come out of this

province toward the Greek wind & sunrising and we will enter • and will tell you of another VA TA FB

province which one calls Tenduc; and so we shall enter into the lands which were R FB

of Prester Johan.

HERE HE TELLS OF THE GREAT PROVINCE OF TENDUC. When one sets out V from here he finds Tenduc which is a province toward sunrising which has v towns and villages enough; and it is one of the provinces • where that great L P king most famous in the world, who was called by the Latins Prester Johan, used to stay. Now however they are subject to the rule of the great Kaan, for all the descendants of z z Prester Johan who reign there are subject to the great Kaan. And the capital city is z v named Tenduc. And one of the line of Prester Johan is king of this province; and indeed he is still a Christian priest,4 because all the Christians of those parts are made z z z


1 VB: quatro

2 V: e la non sono giexie ne christiani

3 VA: la .ente adora vno dio ... In questa zitade se ,fano i .~anbelloti de pello de ganbeli pini belli che sorveglia li nostri E fano el fillo dela lana biancha che par veluto biancho e signiori grandi ne portano per tuto el paixe del grande chaam;

4 encore est prestre iohan and so TA, LT, VA, P--VA adding: Et e suo nome proprio L: et usque ad hoc tempus sic dicitur. Set proprium nomen regnantis ad presens est georgius, clearly based on the