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0465 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 465 (Color Image)

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THE DESCRIPTION OF THE WORLD, ACMAT BEGINS TO RULE Hands and arms are cut off, horses are killed by them, they are ill-handled very villainously. It was so great, the noise and shouting, that one did not hear [99d] v God thundering for it. Moreover I tell you that in few hours the earth was all covered with the dead men and with the mortally wounded. And why should I go speaking many words to you ? You may know quite truly that the battle lasted FA till . in the end Barac and his men could not resist the force of Argon. And then he z departed immediately with his people and goes back beyond the river whence they had y L come. And Argon with his men chase them some way and killed them in great z numbers and ill-treated them just as they pleased as they fled. So that in such a way goes FA this battle as you have heard, that Argon had the better part of it and Barac was FA FA defeated and escaped by the might of his good horse which bore him away swiftly. And since I have begun to speak to you about Argon we will leave you Caidu and Barac his brother, TA FA and I will tell you all the truth about him, how he was taken and how he was

afterwards lord after the death of Abaga his father.   FA

HOW ARGON GOES TO TAKE THE RULE. Now you may know quite truly that when Argon had won the battle from Barac the brother of Caidu FA and from the people of the king Caidu, he does not stay a great while before he had news from the people of king Caidu how Abaga his father was dead. y When he heard this news he had great vexation 6- distress & conceived sorrow at this and TA LT prepares himself with all his army and sets himself on the way to return to the court of the father and to take the rule of his land. as he ought to do. But yet I tell LT FA you that he had to go riding quite forty days journeys before he was come there z where he must be. Now it happened that a brother of Abaga who had for name y Acmat Soldan, and who was become a Saracen,' as soon as he hears how his brother TA Abaga was dead he says to himself that he can well be lord since his nephew Argon FA FA was so [iooa] far away. And then he prepares himself with a very great people and y goes off quite straight to the court of Abaga his brother and arrived before Argon TA arrived, & immediately took the rule and made himself lord, & restored order to the TA land separately . Moreover I tell you that he finds there such vast quantity of treasure that one could hardly well believe it if he heard tell the amount of the value. And he took this treasure and he gives so largely of it to the barons and to the knights LT of the land.with evil intent, to win their hearts and their- favour, that it was a wonder. TA FA And both barons and knights, when they saw that Acmat Soldan had given to them z z so largely, they said that this was a good ruler, and each one loved him equally y and wished him very well, and they said that they wished no other lord nor other LT king than him. This Acmat Soldan made very good rule and acted to please 6- TA TA

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1 FA: car il estoit . . as if explaining the naine and title.