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0108 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 108 (Color Image)

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    P Z And from thence comes the silk which is commonly called ghella. Near this province is a certain beautiful and very large city whose name is Tyflis, round which are many villages and towns which are subject to this city in which dwell Christians, namely Armenians & R Giorgiens & some Saracens & Jews, but few. • Here are made cloths of silk and of many other and different sorts. The men live by their craft and are subject to the great king of the Tartars. And it is to be known that we have only written of the two ór three chief cities of the provinces, but there are many others there which it would be long to write in order, if they had no special thing of wonder. But some of those which we have passed by, which are _found in the aforesaid places, are described more fully below. Now we have told you FB of the [Ha] neighbours of great Armenie from the direction of tramontaine. Now we wish to tell you of the other bordering places which are between midday and


  • 24 •   FB P   ERE HE TELLS OF THE REALM OF MOSUL . On the other border • of Greater

   FB   Armenie•which is between midday and the sunrising is the kingdom of Mosul.

   FB   And Mosul is a very great kingdom which several races of people inhabit,

TA whom I shall now describe to you. First there is a people which is called Arabi, VL who all worship Mahomet. Again there is another race of people who hold the TA Christian rule, but not as the holy Church of Rome orders, for they are mistaken

FB V z in many matters of the faith.• And they are called Nestorian & Jacobite & Armenians, •

LT V P & they are the worst heretics. • And they have a great Patriarch whom they call Jatolic,

FB VA & this Patriarch makes archbishops & bishops & abbots & all other prelates &

I z priests & clerics, & sends them everywhere to preach, into all the parts of Indie & to the z Catai & into Baudac & to all places where Christians dwell, just as the Apostle of Rome FB I does throughout the countries of the Latins. Moreover I tell you that though they preach they do not preach the truth in all things, but as heretics preach, so that heretics make heretics and all the Christians that you will find in all these places of which I have told you are FB P Nestorian & Jacobite Christians, of whom there is a very great number. And all the most

I beautiful cloths of silk & of gold which are called mosulin are made there, & they are very good masters of that art.' And also I tell you that the very great merchants FB who are called mosulin, who bring the very large quantities of all dear spices & VA of pearls & of cloth of gold and of silk, are for the more part from this kingdom' above. FB FB And again in the mountains of this realm live a manner of people who are called VA Curd, who are Nestorian & Jacobite Christians, the one part of that people ; and in


r r'


1 FA,FB,V express it the other way, that all cloths made there are called muslin. Z omits the passage.

2 L: regione