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0487 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 487 (Color Image)

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lŸ   I tell you quite truly that this camp was quite as beautiful as that of Ulau and as

1t1~   rich; for I tell you truly that whoever should have seen the pavilions of cloth of

;}   gold and of silk and the rich tents and the precious stones and pearls which were in that z TA

ii',   camp could well say that scarcely ever was seen a more beautiful camp and more

1W   rich. And moreover he had many more people than Ulau had, for you may know z

without any lie that Berca had quite 350000 horsemen. And when they were in tents they rested themselves two days. On the third day Berca makes a speech among his men and speaks in such a way, Fair sirs, says he, you know certainly that since I came to hold land I have loved you like brothers and sons. And you know too that many of you have already been in many great battles with me and that you have helped me to conquer great part of the lands which we held; and you know again that all that I have is as much yours as mine. And since the truth is thus each one must exert himself beyond his power to maintain our honour. [Io7b] And' until now we have done well. Now you know how Ulau this' great

man and strong wishes to fight with us and has wrong on his side. And since the

truth is so that he is wrong and we on our side are right, each one must encourage z z

1   himself that we shall win the battle. And again you ought to be comforted in this, z

ar   namely that we have more people than they have. For we know certainly that they

z   have only 300000 horsemen and we have 350000 of as good people and valiant as z

they are, and even better. Now then, fair sirs, for all these things which I have told z

.   you you can see quite clearly that we shall be victors of the battle. And so, z

':   since we are come from so far only to make this battle, I wish that we make it

,:   three days hence and we go there so wisely and so orderly that our business may go

from good to better. And I pray you each one as much as I can that you may be z valiant men and that we do it so at this point that all the world may fear us for z the future. Now I do not wish to say more to you but that I pray each one that on the day named he may be well prepared and that he set his mind to do well and be a valiant man. Then Berca is silent that he says no more at that time. But then we will depart from Berca and from his men, of whom we have described to you well one part of his business, and then we will tell you of Ulau and of his people how they behave themselves when he knows that Berca and his men were

come near the army. [1o7c]   z

HOW ULAU SPEAKS TO HIS PEOPLE . Now the story says that when Ulau certainly knows how Berca was come with so very great a people he gathers again his parliament of great numbers of good men. And when

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2 est Read, as B., test Z: iste