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0109 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 109 (Color Image)

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another part are Saracens who [lib] worship Mahomet. And they are valiant' & good VA I archers, but •very evil people, and rob the merchants gladly when they can find them with FB I merchandise in the places where they dwell . • With this province is a certain •other •province named z R Z Mus and Meridin in which cotton grows in the greatest quantity & a great manufacture of

buckram is done in it and many other manufactures. • And there are many merchants and artizans v and they are subject to the king of the Tartars. Now let us leave the realm of Mosul, and we will speak to you of the great city of Baudac.

parts is agreat city which is called Baudac, which in Holy Scripture is called Susis.2   
Baudac is a very great city, and different races of people dwell there, namely I Jews, pagans, ( the greater part Saracens, where the chief prelate who was called calif of all LT

the Saracens of the world is, just as at Rome for the most part is the see of the Pope (.9- of VA FB

all the Christians of the world. And there are some Christians, & bad ones, & also some, I

but few, who are good Catholics. And it is said to be so great that a man can go round

the circuit in three days. And through the midst of the city passes a very great

river which runs into the sea in the direction of midday, and by that river one can well VB FB

go to the sea of Indie, and there go and come continually • a very great number of the L FB

merchants with their much merchandise . And you may know that the said river is vA VB

quite eighteen3 days journeys long from Baudac to the sea of Indie, & more & v

less according to the current of the water and the direction' of the ships, and the merchants

who wish to go into Indie go by that river as far as to a city which is named Chisci,

which is on the sea of Indie, where the said river enters the sea, and from there they enter L

into the sea of Indie. And I tell you also that Baudac5 ends at that city which is called LT

Chisci.•And again on that said river between Baudac and Chisci up the stream is a y y VB

great city which has the name of Basora. And all round the city & its suburbs in LT

the great woods of palm trees grow a vast supply of the best dates which may be found VA LT LT Z

in the world. And in the said city of Baudac are made many kinds of cloth of gold v v

and of silk. They are nascici & nac & cremosi and many other cloths, • damasks & FB R

velvets, of various kinds worked very richly with fishes, animals, and with birds, y

& with other patterns ;•which are carried to Indic.. And all the pearls which are carried into VA V Z

Christendom from Indie are for the most part bored in Baudac. And. again • in Baudac they v z

1 prodotnes VA: prodo►nini Z: probi V: volenti (sic) L: fortes R: cattiui suggesting that he found or guessed improbi. TA: male giente VB: homeni da strada pessimj et crudel robatorj

2 I: fuit antiquitus dicta niniueh

3 R: 17

4 Zereza

b Possibly a mistake for "the said river", as L.