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0166 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 166 (Color Image)

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VA VA L our Lord Master Jesus Christ (may he be blest!) was put inside it, and on this towel were z written in letters of gold • these words, Tu es Parus et super bane petram edificabo ecclesiam meant.. V FB FB In this province there is nothing else to say, so now let us leave speaking to you of this FB province and we will tell you of the other provinces which are between the Greek FB wind and sunrising, that is of the province which is called Succiu.

  • 61 s   ERE HE TELLS OF THE PROVINCE OF SUCCIU. When one leaves this

   P V FB   province of Ghinghin talas of which I have told you above he goes riding.

   P   continually ten days marches between sunrising and the Greek wind. And

FB V in all this way there are no dwellings, or very few; and so there is nothing else which FB LT does to mention in our book. And next to this province at the end of these ten days FB marches one finds another province which is called Succiu in which are cities and R V z villages enough; and the chief city is also itself called Succiu. And there are also v v v z some • Nestorian Christians, and the people of it are idolaters. And they belong to the V domain of the great Kaan, as do the other provinces aforesaid. And the great general VA VA province where this province of Succiu is and these two' other provinces of which I VA have told you further back, that is Camul & Ghinghin talas, is called Tangut. And FB VB z through all their mountains of these provinces • the very finest rhubarb is found in very z great abundance; and there the merchants buy it and carry it then through all the VB R world; nor is other merchandise found here . • It is true that the wayfarers who pass by there z dare not go to those mountains with other than native beasts, for a certain poisonous herb grows in them such that if beasts eat it they lose the hoofs, but the animals born in that country V recognize that herb and so avoid it in feeding.. And here is great abundance of flocks and of z fruits, and they live on the fruit which they get from the land and on their flocks, but z at trade they do not work at all. The whole province is healthy and the people are brown.. V FB FB Here there is nothing else to say, but now we will leave telling you of this and will tell FB you of a city [25d] which is called the city of Campçio.

  • 62 .      T TERE HE SPEAKS OF THE CITY OF CAMPÇIO. Campçio is a city which is in
    Tangut itself, which is a very great city and noble; and it is the head V V 1 1 and rules all the province of Tangut . And the people of that province are idolaters, and there are some of those who worship Mahomet, and again there are L z V some Christians. And they have in this said town three Churches of Christians very FB VA VB large and beautiful . And • in that city the idolaters have many most beautiful monasteries z V and very many abbeys according to their usage & customs. And in these monasteries they VA have a very great quantity & multitude of idols. Moreover I tell you that they have

' FA,FB: de ces.iij. R: & altre due prouincie subsequenti The reading of FG (.iii.) goes back apparently to a text which included Iuguristan.