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0408 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 408 (Color Image)

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    VA in their bodies, who commend themselves to him in their need. Now we have told you FB Z VB of this, so we wish to tell you also how the brothers tell how • the Blest Thomas • the most TA holy Apostle he was killed, according as I understood, though his Legend says otherwise. But let us say that which I heard.' It was true that Master Saint Thomas was outside z his hermitage in the wood, according as those of that place tell, and was making his z v prayers to his most high Lord God and he had many peacocks about him in that

v wood, for you may know that in that country they have many more of them [83a] than anywhere in the world. And while Master Saint Thomas was thus making his VB prayer then an idolater who was of the lineage and race of the gavi, of whom we z have told you before • appeared and lets go an arrow from his bow intending to kill one z of those peacocks which was round the Saint Thomas. Nor did this one see' him at all; and when he believes that he has hit the peacock then he hits Master Saint R z Thomas the most holy Apostle in the middle of the right side.' And when he felt that he had received that blow he worships his Creator very sweetly; and I tell you that VB he died of that blow giving thanks to our Lord God. But yet it was true that before he

V Z came to this place where he died which was in Indie he converted many people to z z the faith of Christ in Nubie. And how and in what way it was that he converted we z shall tell it you well and clearly and in order in this book when it shall be time and place for it. Now we have told you of Saint Thomas, and then we will tell you

V Z LT onwards of the other things which are left . • For when boys or girls are born • in this TA Z province .you must know that •they are born black, but not so black as they are made afterwards. VA Because it is true that when the infant is born he is born fair; but they anoint him z once' every week with sesame oil and that is how they make them become more FB black than they were born a great deal, so that they become as black as a devil. For I tell TA Z you that in that country he who is more black is more precious than the others in beauty and is held better than the others who are not so black. And again I tell z you another thing. For I tell you quite truly that they make those people have all P z their gods and their idols portrayed and painted very black, and the devils they paint white as snow. [831).1 For they say that God and all the saints are black; and they speak of their God and of their saints; and they say that the devils are white. And so they portray and paint them in such way as you have heard; and again I tell you that they make images of idols all black. And you may know that the men

I The martyrdom of S. Thomas is omitted by TA3.

2 Z: odiebat

3 Z: tibiam VB: costado senestre

4 VA: i naseno bianchi ma onzeno ... tre fiade P: ter in ebdomada LT: his uel ter R: ogni giorno ... tre volte