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0445 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 445 (Color Image)

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was come to Jerusalem and went off quite straight to the holy sepulchre and, falling v z

down before it with much reverence and devotion, worships it and does it such honour

and such reverence as a good Christian ought to do to so high a thing and so noble FB

as that sepulchre was. He makes also very great offerings and great prayers there on y

the part of that king who sent him. And when the bishop had done well and

wisely like a wise man that he was all this for which he was come, then he sets

himself on the road, himself and his company,' to return to his land. He went so TA

far by his marches that he was come to that land of Aden. And you may know that the FR VA

merchant Christians are much hated in this kingdom, for they do not wish to see y

any of them, but hate them like their mortal enemies, for they are all Saracens. FB

And when the sultan of Aden knows that this bishop was a Christian and that

he was messenger to the great king of Abasce he has him seized all immediately.

And when the bishop is presented to his sight, the king asks him if he is a Christian. And P

that bishop answered him that truly he is a Christian. And then the sultan told him z y

with much threatening & terror that if he would not be turned to believe the law of VB V

Mahomet that he will have him & his followers put to shame and dishonour. But G G

the bishop & his company, he tells him with a loud voice, •like a holy man •unafraid of P TA VB

threats or even of death, that he would let himself be killed before he should do this

[or]dare to deny his faith • to be made a Saracen; • & they were comforted with the grace of z VB G

Jesus Christ & stood very firm in their faith. When however the sultan of Aden hears the z VB

answer of that holy bishop & sees his constancy, that threats of death did not niove him, VB VB

he holds him in great contempt and commands that he be taken and circumcised2 z y

by force. Then the bishop was taken for this purpose by many men, and they TA

circumcised him in the manner of the Saracens. And when they have done [93d]

this to him the sultan says to him that he had made them do that dishonour to

him for contempt and for shame of the Christian faith and of the king his lord who VA VA

was Christian: And after these words he lets him, the bishop, go. And when the z

bishop had received that dishonour he has great grief; but by one thing he is

comforted, for he says in his heart that he had received this for the holy Christian FB FB

law, and says that the Lord God will repay him good merit to his soul for this

in the other world. And why should I make you a long story ? You may know

quite truly that when the bishop was healed and is able to ride, he sets himself

on the road with all his company and goes so far both by sea and by land that he

was come to the province of Abasce to his lord the king. And when the king saw VA

him returned he makes him joy and feasting, and then asks him news of the holy TA FB

1 se met a la noie entre lui e sa compagnie

2 TA: "that a mark should be made on his face as for a Saracen."