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0419 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 419 (Color Image)

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Adam, for our scripture of holy Church says that he is in another part of the world. The decision of this I wish to leave to others. Now it happened that the great Kaan heard VB in 1281 from Saracens who had been on the said mountain how the monument of Adam R our first father was on that mountain and also that some of his teeth were there and FB FB some of his hair and the bowl in which he used to eat. He says therefore to himself FB z that it is necessary for him to have the teeth and the bowl and the hair. So he FB thought in every way how he should have them . Then he sends a great embassy immediately • v to the king of the island of Seilan to ask for these things; and it was in the 1284' year from TA the incarnation of Christ . And what shall I tell you about it ? You may know quite truly that the messengers of the great Kaan were sent with a very great company z and set themselves on the road and go so far by land and by sea that they were FB come to the island of Seilan. And they go off to the king and exert themselves so much that at last, though he was unwilling, they have the two molar teeth which were i. very thick and large, and again they have some of the hair and they had too the bowl FB in which he used to eat. The bowl indeed was of green' porphyry very beautiful. And FA Z when the messengers of the great Kaan have had these things of which I have told you, for which they were come, then they had great joy of them and they set themselves on FB the road and go back to their lord. And when they were near to the great town of Cambaluc where the great Kaan was, they make him know that they were coming and were bringing the holy things for which he had sent them. Then the L great Kaan, when he heard and knew, had very great joy at it and commands that all the FB people both regulars, who are a very great multitude, and others should go to meet VB those relics which they were made to understand that they were of Adam . And why should I make you a long story ? You may know quite truly that all the people of Cambaluc [86d] go to meet these relics with very great devotion, and the regulars FA receive them with great reverence and carry them to the great Kaan who received z them with very great joy and with great festival and with great reverence. And z moreover I tell you that they find by their scripture that they said that that bowl had such virtue that whoever should put food there suited only for one man that z more than five men would have enough from it. And you may know that the great L FB Kaan said that he wished to have it tried and had made proof and said that the truth z was found to be really so . In such way as you have heard the great Kaan had those z relics as you have heard, and they cost him indeed so great treasure to have them that it was indeed a great quantity. Now we have told you all this story in order,

1 VB: 1281

2 TA: biancho et vermiglio