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0353 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 353 (Color Image)

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abundance. Chase and hunting have they of beasts and of birds in great plenty.

Other thing which does to mention there is none, and so we will go forward.

And you may know that at the end of these three days journeys one finds the city y

of Cugiu which is very important and large and beautiful. And they are subject z

to the rule of the great Kaan and are idolaters and have money of notes and live by trade V FB

&, by crafts. And it is the last city of the domain of Quinsai, because[it is]a kingdom z

whose head is the city of Quinsai, for from this onward it is nothing to do with Quinsai, FB

[69d] but the second kingdom, that is one of the nine parts of the realm of Mangi, y

begins, which is called Fugiu.

   ERE HE TELLS OF THE KINGDOM OF FUGIU. When one leaves the last   15 5


    city of the kingdom of Quinsai which is called Cugiu, then he enters   •

iminediately into the kingdom of Choncha, and the chief city is called Fugiu; P R and here he begins, and departing thence goes riding six days journeys by sirocco through z FB z the said kingdom of Fugiu, through mountains and through valleys where one finds cities and villages and hamlets enough. The people of which, they are idolaters and y subject to the rule of the great Kaan and are under the domain of the city of Fugiu, V z of which we have begun. They live by trade and by crafts. They have all things for life in great abundance . They have also hunting and chase enough of beasts and z of birds, for various sorts of birds are there. There are lions enough both great and R fierce. They have ginger and galingale and many • different sorts of spices beyond measure, VA Z for for such quantity of silver as has a Venetian groat you shall have so much fresh P z ginger that it would be quite fourscore pounds. And they have a plant which produces R a fruit which is like true saffron both in scent and in colour, but is not saffron at all; R R z but yet it is worth quite as much as saffron for the same use; and is used by all the z z R inhabitants in their food, and for this reason is very dear. There is another thing again. You may know that they eat all coarse things and any kind of flesh, for they also cat z human flesh very willingly, provided that he is not dead of his natural death. But z those who are killed with a sword or otherwise, they eat them ally and count them z very good and savoury flesh, and go seeking it. And the men who go in the armies and z LT who [boa] are under arms' have themselves transformed in such a way that they may L be recognized by others. For I tell you that they have their hair cut off as far as z the ears, and in the middle of the face they have themselves painted with azure like the blade of a sword.' And they all go to battle on foot except their captain. They z P

1 il le tnenuíent Luit A. Ricci: " They will eat the whole of a man''

2 que sunt darnes Z: qui sunt pro arrois

3 come un fer de glaiues VA: chom un fern chaldo P: cum ferro calido signu;n imprimit