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0315 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 315 (Color Image)

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great wonder, and then when they come back they return loaded again with other VA FB goods, and so it is a marvellous thing to see the merchandise which is carried up and down by that river.' Now we will leave this city Singiu matu and will tell you v

~q   of another country,' and it is toward midday, and this will be of a great province
which is called Lingiu.

ERE HE TELLS OF THE GREAT CITY OF LINGIU.3 When one sets out from   • 136.

this aforesaid town of Singiu matu he goes riding toward midday eight' z VB VB

days journeys in which one always finds cities and villages enough which

are very noble and great and rich, full of merchandise and merchants, and of great VB

trade and of great industry; whose people they are all idolaters, and these too are used to z VB VB

have their dead bodies burnt, and are subject to the rule of the great Kaan, and their v FB

money is of the lord's notes. And at the end of these eight days journeys one finds VB FB

h:   a city which is called Lingiu as well as the province, and it is head of the province VB

and kingdom. It is a very noble city and rich. And the men of it, they are for the more z VB

part •valiant men of arms, though it is true that great trade is done there also and v FB

great handicrafts. They have hunting of wild beasts and of birds in great abundance. z y

And they have much corn and of all things to eat and to drink in great plenty and abund- FB VB TA FB

ance. • They have also through the whole country a multitude of jujubes which are twice as large z

as dates, and the people of that province eat bread of the jujubes. It is also on the river

which I named to you above, and so there is a very great multitude of ships. • And they L FB

have larger' ships than the [6ia] others of which I have told you and rich, in which VB

many goods and dear are carried. Now we will leave you this province and city,

and we will tell you again of other new things in front. We shall treat' of a city

which is called Pingiu, which is very great and rich.

all as from Cianglu.

' VB: "With the said ships are carried from these two provinces, that is the one to the other and the other to the one, all the things necessary for all those regions; so that it is a marvellous thing to see the multitude and the greatness of the ships sailing continually through this river loaded with all merchandise and with very great wealth." FB: ces ij fluns for that river"

2 FB: prouince

3 The cities of chapters 136, 137, 138 are, in the rubrics, lingiu, lingiu, pingiu respectively; in the table of contents, Ligiu, Pangiu, Cingiu; but in the text, lingiu, pingiu, ciugiu, with some variants.

4 VA, P, R: 16—but jumping direct to the Caramoran, p. 309 below.

5 VB: minor

6 traieteron probably, as B., for traicteron