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0174 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 174 (Color Image)

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V FB on the ground, and no one held it. And then they put as on one half of the cane the FB LT name Cinghis Kan and on the other half cane towards his side they wrote the name of Prester Johan, and said to Cinghis Kan, Sir, now look at these canes and see that

this is your name and the other is the name of Prester Johan, and therefore when

FB we shall have made our enchantment look if you shall see the truth, who must have the P better of the battle; •these parts of the cane will fight together. He whose cane shall come above the other will win the battle. Cinghis Kan says that he wishes indeed to see R that and told the astrologers to show it him as soon as they can. And then, when

V the whole army was come together to see this thing, • in the presence of Cinghis Kan the Christian TA astrologers' have the Psalter and read certain verses and several psalms and make P their enchantments, and then the parts of the cane were disturbed and it seemed that one lifted itself up against the other, and at last the cane on which was the name of Cinghis Kan, without anyone touching it, joins itself to the other and mounts up on that of Prester Johan; and this was in the sight of all those who were there. And when VA P Cinghis Kan & his people sees it he has great joy thereat, and the Tartars were much comforted when they were assured of future victory; and because he finds the Christians in the truth he always afterwards did great honour to the Christians and had them [27d]

V FB for men of truth and trustworthy, and had them in favour always afterwards.' Now let us leave speaking of this and we shall tell you of the battle of the great Kan and of Prester Johan.


V FB   AND CINGHIS KAN. And two3 days after this incantation was made, • when the
armies were well rested, both parties armed themselves and fought hard LT together, and it was the greatest battle[and]slaughter of men that was ever seen. LT VA There was very great loss both on the one side and on the other, & many people died

L there, but at the last Cinghis Kan won the battle and Uncan, that is Prester Johan LT was killed in that battle and from that day forward loses all his land, while Cinghis

V V Kan departed from that place & goes conquering it always & making it subject to his rule;• R and Cinghis took his daughter to wife. Moreover I tell you that Cinghis Kan reigned six'

L VA V years after that immense battle and in these six years • continually goes conquering many FB VA castles and many provinces and many cities. But at the end of six years he goes to war

1 VA,VB,P,R omit all mention of Christians and Saracens, and R makes the astrologers do their work per poten&a de gl'Idoli. Z,L unfortunately omit the story.

2 et ont puit toutes foies Read probably et of puis toutes foies & supply tel, "them so", or some similar word.

3 V: koto

4 V: sete