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0101 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 101 (Color Image)

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THE DESCRIPTION OF THE WORLD. AND COME HOME AT LAST left her to return to their country she wept for grief at their departure. Now I have told you a thing which does well [9c] to rehearse, how much two such ladies were trusted to these three messengers to take to their lord from so far a place. Now we will leave you this and will go on with your story. And what shall I tell you about it ? When the three messengers were gone from Quiacatu' they set themselves on the way and rode by their long marches, searching many provinces VB VB & lands which will be told below, till they were come at last • by the grace of God after VB LT

much time   after many labours to Trepesonde which is set on the Greater Sea, and from L
Trepesonde they carne away to Constantinople, and from Constantinople they came FB away to Negrepont, and from Negrepont with many riches and with a great company, P thanking God who had delivered them from so great labours and. infinite perils, • they went up R V into a ship and came•safe • at last to Venese ; and this was in the 12952 year from the P L Incarnation of the Lord Christ. Now, since I have told you all the facts of the LT prologue just as you have heard, I shall next begin the book of the description of the FB various things which Master Marc Pol and his uncle found in the countries & on the road.3

ERE HE TELLS OF THE LITTLE ARMENIE.4 It is true that there are two

Armenies, one is called Armenie the great and one Armenie the little, that VB VB I

is little in extent. Of the Little, a king who dwells in a city called Sevasto R



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1 V: da quel fo di argon

2 L: 1255

3 LT: "Now all these things are written at the beginning of this book that all those who shall read this book may learn whence & how Sir Marcus Paulus of Venice was able to know the things which are contained below. For the said Sir Marcus Paulus was in the parts of the East for 26 years, the whole time having been•carefully•counted by him. The Prologue ends; and the Book of Sir Marcus Paulus about the description of the provinces and lands of Hermenia, Persia, Turchia, & of either India, and of the islands which are in India begins." This closely follows P (from which one word above is taken) and is copied by R. VA: "We have written this history that each may be able to see how these two brothers & Master Marc were able to see & know & hear so many things as were written in this book."

4 The headings of the chapters are given from F, ignoring as a rule the comparatively few variants. But some of the openings of this first chapter of the Book proper are translated here. Z: "Here are described all the regions, provinces, realms, & cities established about Asia Media & part of Europe, & all the manners & custpms generally & separately of all the peoples dwelling in the same. And first about Armenia the Less. It is true. . . ."

P: " A Description of the Oriental Regions. And first about Armenia the Less. Having finished the story of our travels, let us now come to tell of what we saw. First however we shall briefly describe Armenia the Less. There are two Armenias. . . ."

LT: " And first about Hermenia the Less. Now that we have recited and told the facts and circumstances of our journeys and what happened to us by the way, we shall begin to