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0266 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 266 (Color Image)

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00•   OF CAICIU AMA   ~iv


VA R not produced but in this district only, and yet from this town it goes [48b] through

   LT all the provinces around. There is also a very great quantity of silk, for they have   ;#14

   VB VB VB mulberries upon those mountains and breed the worms which make silk in so great   0

   VB abundance that it is a marvel. And when one sets out from Taianfu he rides quite   0

   seven days journeys by the sunsetting in very beautiful country, in which he finds   iii

   towns and villages enough in which trade and handicrafts enough are done; and   011

z z FB there are many merchants in them who go in many directions to Indie and to other lands R FB making their gain and profit. And when he has gone riding these seven days journeys LT then he finds villages and a city which is called Pianfu, which is very exceedingly R large and of great value, in which there are merchants enough. And they live by z trade and by crafts. Silk is made there in very great quantity. Now we will leave FB FB speaking to you of this and will tell you of a very great city which is called Cacionfu. But first of all we shall speak to you of a noble castle which is called Caiciu.

  • I08 .   ERE HE TELLS OF A CASTLE OF CAICIU. And when one sets out from   di

V   this aforesaid city of Pianfu and he goes by sunsetting two days marches

v   then one finds a beautiful castle which is called Caiciu,' which, according

   FB as they say, a king of that country who was called the King of Gold once iiiade them   t


VB R make in his time. And in this castle is a very beautiful and great palace in which is vB VB a very large hall where all the notable kings of that province who were become famous FB in old times are portrayed in gold and in other very beautiful paintings, and it is a FB very beautiful sight to see. And each of the kings who had reigned in that kingdom

FB [of which I have told you, [48c] one after the other, had had all this done. And of V VB this king who was called of Gold I shall be content to tell you a pretty story which was between him and the Prester Johan, according to that which the people of that V VB R country say to me, for it is worthy in my opinion to be remembered. • He was a powerful and great lord, and while he stayed in the land, there were none in his personal service but very

handsome young women, of whom he kept a great multitude at court. When he went through the castle in a little carriage for his amusement, the girls drew it, and it was easily taken along because it was small; and they did everything that was for the convenience and pleasure of the said king. And he showed his power in his government and behaved himself very nobly and justly . That castle was very strong beyond measure . It was true, according as those people

R say, that this King of Gold had war with the Prester Johan. This King of Gold was subject to Uncan, who is he who we have said above is called Prester Johan, and in his arrogance and pride rebelled against him, and was in so strong a place that the Prester Johan, R V when he heard this thing, could not overcome nor hurt him. He had great grief and

1 cacianfu