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0328 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 328 (Color Image)

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    FB And that happened by the kindness of Master Nicolau and Master Mafeu his FB R brother and Master Marc Pol son of the said Master Nicolau Pol, as you have heard. • This solution so quickly made increased the fame and credit of these two Venetian brothers in the sight of the great Kaan and all the court. And it was not a small thing, for you may FB know that this city and its province was and still is quite one of the best which the great Kaan has. For he has from it great [64c] revenue and great profit. Now I FB have told you of this city how it gave itself up through the trebuchets which the three aforesaid Master Nicolau had made and Master Mafeu and Master Marc. Now we will leave you this matter & will tell you of a city which is called Singiu.

  • 147 .   ERE HE TELLS OF THE CITY OF SINGIU. Now you may know that when

   z   one sets out from the above-said city of Yangiul and he goes fifteen

   FB   miles by the sirocco, then he finds a city which is called Singiu, which

L z is not at all too large, but it is of marvellous great shipping and of great trade. And FB V many wares are brought to it from different sides because it is a port. • And • the people of it,

  •  v they are idolaters and are subject to the rule of the great Kaan, and their money is

v of notes. And you may know that it is built on the greatest river that is in the z v world, which is called Quiansui . .And it is in some places ten miles broad, and in TA3 z some eight, and in some (the most narrow) six, and pursuing its course it is more z z than a hundred and twenty days journeys long before it enters the sea. Into which river R z R z enter infinite • other • rivers, • all navigable, •which run from different directions and swell and R increase it in their turns • to such a size. And by reason of this river this city has a very exceedingly great number of boats which carry many things and many goods by z this river, because from wherever goods may be brought they call and arrive at this city as FB at a port. And thus it is a good town from which the great Kaan has great revenue

  •  v and great tribute from it. Moreover I tell you that by this river one goes so far and through so many regions, and there are so many cities upon it that I tell you truly

V FB that more boats & loaded with more dear things and of greater value go and come by

L FB this river than go by all the rivers of Christians together nor by all their seas. And according to what is said Master Marc Pol related that he heard from those who keep the account

for their lord in this city, that they related to him for truth that more than   ships
pass each year, which all go up stream, without the others which come back. And thus the said Master Marc saw there at one single time together and in one place. For I tell you[he R R TA says]that I saw there at one time when I was at this city of Singiu quite /50002 boats

1 angiu L: angiu Z: yançu • VA,P,VB,R: "saianfu" TA: di qui LT: hint FB: manghin

2 LT also has 15000, with the marginal note: alia litera dicit quinque milia. P,VL,R : 5000 derived perhaps from VA: bem ,zinque milia. FB',FB2: plus de xm FB' omits the number twice. TA3,Z,V,L,VB omit the sentence. BALDELLI-BONI (I. p. 135) reads TA' as 1500.