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0493 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 493 (Color Image)

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THE DESCRIPTION OF THE WORLD NOGAI ANSWERS TOCTAI themselves on the way and ride until they were come to the court of their lord

and tell him how Nogai sends him word that he will in no way come. When Toctai

had heard what Nogai sends to him, he holds him in great contempt and says so loud that all those who were about him heard him: If God helps me, says he,

either Nogai shall come before me to do justice to the sons of Tolobuga or I will go upon him with all [io9d] my people to destroy him. Then he delays not at all, but all immediately sends two other messengers and such words as you shall hear.

HOW TOCTAI SENDS HIS MESSENGERS TO NOGAI. The two messengers aforesaid to whom Toctai had entrusted the duty set themselves on the z way and ride till they were come to the court of Nogai . They go before him and salute him well and courteously, and Nogai said to them that they are

welcome. Afterwards one of the messengers says and speaks in such manner: Fair

Sir, says he, Toctai sends you word that if you do not come to his court to do justice to the sons of Tolobuga that he will come upon you with all his people

and that he will do you all the harm that he can both in possessions and in person. And therefore consider what you will wish to do about this thing and send him word by us. When king Nogai had understood what Toctai sends him he holds him z

in great contempt and answers the messengers in such manner: Lords messengers, says he, go back then to your lord and tell him on my behalf that I have small fear

of his war, and tell him also that if he will come upon me that I shall not wait

till he enters into my land, for I shall come to him to meet him half way. Now this is [iioa] what I send and what I answer to your lord. Then he is silent that he says

no more. And when the messengers have heard what Nogai had said to them they

stay no longer but all immediately set themselves on the way and ride till they were come to their lord, and they tell him all that Nogai sends him and that he

says that he is not careful about his war and that he will come to meet him further

forward than half way . And when Toctai had heard all, and sees that he cannot escape from war, he makes no delay but all immediately sends his messengers

through many parts to all those who were subject to him and has them summoned

that they may all be ready to go upon the king Nogai . And what shall I tell you

about it ? He makes the greatest preparation in the world. And on the other side

when Nogai knows certainly that Toctai wishes to come upon him with so great

a multitude of people together with the two brothers, who he knew were coming to avenge the z vB

death of Tolobuga their father, he makes likewise very great preparation; but not at

all so great as Toctai, because he had not so many people nor so much strength.

But nevertheless he made it very great and strong.