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0263 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 263 (Color Image)

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into God. And so on the contrary, • if he shall have behaved ill, being the son of a gentleman R he will be born again a son of a rustic, .from a rustic he is made into a dog, always descending z

to lower •life .   R

And since we have finished speaking of the rule and administration of the province of Catai R and of the city of Cambaluc and of the magnificence of the great Kaan, we shall leave the city of Cambaluc to speak of the other regions to which Master Marc went for the purposes R of the government of the great Kaan, and shall enter into Catai to tell of the great things and rich which are there.'

OF THE RIVER OF PULISANGHIN. NOW you may know that I judge it to VB   •
be worthy of memory not to be passed by that • the said Master Marc' Pol himself FB FB who tells all this, the great lord sends him as a messenger to the parts towards sunsetting. FB FB

And he set out from Cambaluc and went quite four months' of days journeys

toward sunsetting, and therefore we shall tell you all that he saw on that road,

going and coming. When indeed one sets out from the town aforesaid, namely of z z

Cambaluc,4 and he is gone riding ten miles toward the sunsetting, then he finds a FB L

great river which is called Pulisanghin, which river goes as far as to the Ocean

sea. And here go many merchants[in]many ships with very much merchandise to the VA R VA

Ocean sea. And over this river is a very beautiful great stone bridge, worthy of mention. VB vB

For you may know that there are few of them' in all the world so beautiful, nor

its equal. [And I shall show you]reason how. It is made like this. I tell you that it is FB

quite three hundred6paces long and quite eight' paces wide, for ten horsemen' can well FB V

go there the [47d] one beside the other. And it has twenty-four arches and twenty- VA

four' piers in the water supporting them, and it is all of grey marble very well worked R

and well founded. There is above on each side of the bridge a beautiful •curtain or FB R P

1 The long passages in this chapter from Z and R have, more perhaps than any others in the book, something of the appearance of having been added later and out of their natural place.

2 V: nichollo

3 VL makes the whole mission occupy fourteen months.

4 VB: " ... Cambaluc, I reached a town very rich & fair in which I rested for some days, & at a distance of twelve leagues from this town is a river named pullicanzino ..."

5 qe poutna FB: you en ya supported by FA,Z, V, R; while no MS. known to me supports the reading of 1824 (copied in B. without note), que pont n'a.

6 VA: bem quatrozento

7 V: nuoue Others "eight"

e TA: charre

TA,LT: 34 R: 24 ... 25 FA: • xxiij arches & • xxiíj • moulins—followed by PAUTHIER & YULE !