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0293 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 293 (Color Image)

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t   god will be appeased toward the sick man .1 • And thus the spirit answers them when the sick FR

   it,   man must be healed. And when these have had this answer, the friends of the sick

   0   man instantly perform all that the demon commanded and do so as the magicians tell P

   ti:   them to do, for they take the sheep so described and of the colour as he told them, FB FB

i;   and they make ready the drink of spices such and so good and so much as is appointed FB VA

   ii   to them. And that charnier who has said this will stand up. They take and kill the sheep FB FR

i   & sprinkle the blood toward heaven in those places where they are told, for honour & P
for sacrifice of such a spirit as they pleased to name. And then they have the sheep cooked L

   Q   in the house of the sick man, and, if the sick man is to live, so many of these magicians v
and so many of those magician ladies as was said to them by the man possessed come L VA

   It   there.' And when they are all come there and assembled and the sheep and the drinks FB

are all made ready, then they begin to play and to dance and to sing their praise FB


to the honour of the spirit or god. They take and sprinkle into the air some of the broth P R FB P

of the flesh and of that beverage and cf the flesh also, going here and there • about the house, FB TA


and they have incense too and make smoke of lign aloes and go censing [55c] here and P

there and make a great light through all the house. And when they have done like this TA

awhile, then one of them falls down again, and stays as if dead, and has foanc at the FR

Mouth, in the way I have said above, and the others ask him again if the idol is satisfied V P

with this, if it is now forgiven the sick man, and if he is sure to be healed. He L

answers that time and says sometimes Yes, and sometimes he answers that it is not yet FB

fully forgiven him, and that they do such a thing also and such, as he shall choose to L FB

say, and then it will be forgiven him. And those do it immediately. And the spirit

answers, after the sacrifice and all the things commanded are done, that the spirit, or FB L

such an idol, is satisfied, and that he is pardoned and that he will soon be healed. And

when they have had this answer and have sprinkled both broth and drink and have

made a great light and a great censing, believing that in this way they have given the L

spirit his share, they say that the spirit is quite on their side and is quite appeased; • FB

and they all joyfully send the sick man home, & he is made whole. And that flesh of the sacrifice VB

is left for those magicians. And then the said magicians and the ladies, who still have R

that spirit, who have not ceased to chant, sit down to table and eat the sheep and drink R

the beverages which were offered to the idol in sacrifice with great enjoyment and with P

great feasting; & he who is fallen to the ground as if swooning rises and eats with them. • FR

And they say that the spirit has consumed all the essence of that flesh. • When the work is finished VB R

and they have • eaten and drunk • and received their pay, then they rise and each goes back FB R FB

1 FRAMPTON (S missing) adds: whiche is all fraude and guile of the inchanters for to Bette victuals, by this meanes all are damned unto Hell. VL: E questa e tuta opera de incantatori per auer man.~arie

2 biuient V: vieno B. corrects to hi nient