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0466 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 466 (Color Image)

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    LT honour all the people. But yet I tell you that he did a very shameful and wicked thing FA for which he was much blamed by many people. For he took all the wives of his brother Abaga and kept them afterwards all for himself. And what shall I tell you about it? z You may know that he does not stay a great while after that he had all the rule FA L when he had news that Argon his nephew came with a very great people against him to the court of his father. He makes no delay nor shows at all that he is dismayed,'

V z but very bravely has his barons and all his people summoned immediately. Moreover

I tell you without mistake that in a week he gathers a very great number of horse-FA TA men to go to meet Argon, who for love of the Soldan went against Argon very willingly FA like those who believed that they would win the battle, and said all in general that they wished nothing so much as to kill Argon or to take and put him [boob] to great torture.




z   Soldan had prepared quite 60000 horsemen' they set themselves on the

z   road to meet Argon and his people. And they ride quite ten days

journeys' without ceasing to ride; and at the end of ten journeys he had news z z how Argon came and was near by five journeys and had quite as many people as he had. Then Acmat had his camp pitched in a very great and beautiful plain and there he says that he will wait Argon till he shall have come, because there it is very good to fight people against people. And when he had pitched his camp well FA and orderly he made his speech and makes his barons and his knights and all his people FA assemble to consult with them; for the cunning man wished to know the heart and the will

V of each. And when they were gathered together he speaks to them in such a way: Sirs, he LT FA says, & brothers, you know well how I ought by right to be liege lord of all that my brother Abaga held, because I was son of that father that he was, and because FA I had always been with him to help to conquer all the lands and provinces which we LT now hold; though it is true that Argon was son of Abaga my brother and that some

V FA would wish perhaps to say that the rule should come to him . But saving the regard

and the grace of those who would wish to say it, it would not be right nor a worthy TA thing; because, since his father holds the rule so long as you know for all his life, FA it is indeed a worthy thing [boot] that I must have it all my life after his death;

for in his life it was right that I must have half, but I by my courtesy left him4 all

1 estais for esbais

2 TA': "40000 horse and a great quantity of foot soldiers."

3 V: m i a and so below.

4 lisa soit B. reads li lasoit