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0087 Marco Polo : vol.1
Marco Polo : vol.1 / Page 87 (Color Image)

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THE DESCRIPTION OF THE WORLD WITH A TABLET OF GOLD you shall hear.' He sent to the Apostle saying that he must send as many as a hundred wise men of learning in the Christian religion and doctrine, and who [5d] VB VB should know also the seven arts and be fitted to teach his people and who should know VB well how to argue' and to show plainly to him and to the idolaters & to the other VA classes of people submitted to his rule that all their religion was erroneous and all the LT TA idols which they keep in their houses and worship are devilish things, & who should know well how to show clearly by reason that the Christian faith & religion is better VA than theirs & more true than all the other religions; • & if they proved this that he and all his LT FB potentates would become men of the Church. Again when he had made the said letter the great y lord charges the two brothers with pious words that they must bring him on their return LT VB some of the oil of the lamp which burns above the sepulchre of Jesus Christ •our LT FB Lord God in Jerusalem; in whom he had the greatest devotion, for he believed Christ to be one R P in the number of the blessed Gods, •holding him in the highest veneration .• And they promised R V hint to bring him some of it when they shall come back to him. In such manner as you have

heard was it contained in the embassy which the great lord sends to the Apostle by his three messengers, the Tartar baron & the two brothers Master Nicolau Pol & Master FB FR Mafeu Pol.

HOW THE GREAT KAAN GIVES THE GOLD TABLET OF THE ORDERS TO THE TWO BROTHERS. And when the great lord had charged the two brothers & his baron with all the embassy which he sends to the Apostle, he made one give them a tablet of gold engraved with the royal seal and signed according to the custom of P his estate, in which was contained that the three messengers were from the great Kaan, and VB that in all the places to which they might go there must be given them by all the governors P of the lands subject to his rule•on pain of their disgrace all the lodging' which they needed, y boats and horses & men to escort them from one land to another, and all other things VL FB which they might wish •for the way, • as for his own person if he were to pass by there. VA VL And when all these three messengers, Master Nicolau & Master Mafeu & the other FB messenger, were prepared & were well provided with all the things that [6a] were v necessary to them they took leave of the very great lord. And he gave it them; and having y leave then they mount on horses & set themselves on the way to ride from land to land • y





' labastre ce quel li oites Read perhaps lanbascee ce que li mandoit si come nos vires or something to that effect.

2 despuer FB: desputer VA: desputar V: disputare

3 mession B. prints mesion and translates abitagioni. FA: toutes les choses qui besoins leur fust FB: toutes leurs mansions que besoing leur feist TA: honore e spese LT: prepararentur singula que mandarent VA: per vituaria e per pechunia ede chauali ede conpagnia ede scorta VB: toto quello i aueua mestiero et scorta di caualieri